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warehouse management software

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warehouse management software

Designing warehouse management software designed to manage the entire process of importing, exporting, inventorying, adjusting materials and tools in an environment closely linked to the project management and management module. asset management, supply management.

Designing warehouse management software – Selling goods with all functions of warehousing, ex-warehousing, sales and warehousing. Reports inventory import and export, sales statistics, according to the most standard warehouse management process.

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These features when designing warehouse management software

+ Manage warehousing software

1. Make a inventory order form

– Users make a request for inventory.

– Browse warehouse managers’ requirements for warehousing

– Converting inventory receipt into a warehousing note

2. Make a warehousing note

– User makes inventory receipt.

– Approving warehouse receipt.

– History of inventory receipt – Details – Warehouse.

– Approve warehouse manager’s receipt.

– Write down the supplier information into the system.

3.Report inventory

– Report on importing goods.

– Manage inventory with suppliers.

– Manage list of inventory receipt history.

+ Managing warehousing software

1. Make a delivery order note

– Users make a request to take delivery of the goods (Hoang Hoa inventory – No inventory)

– Browse warehouse manager ‘s request for inventory

– Converting delivery orders into delivery bills

2. Make a delivery note

– Users set up delivery orders.

– Approving delivery bills.

– History of delivery notes – Details – Warehouse.

– Approving warehouse release notes.

– Record the supplier information to the system.

3.Report inventory

– Report on merchandise export.

– Manage liabilities with suppliers.

– Manage the list of delivery history.

+ Warehouse report

1.Report inventory

– Report on the list of inventory goods in every detail.

2.Report inventory

– Report on the list of merchandise shipped in detail.

3. General warehouse report

– Detailed report on software on warehousing, warehousing, sales.

4. Report on inventory import and export

– The report displays inventory at the beginning of the period, Inventory in the period, Ex-warehousing in the period, Inventory at the end of the period.

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Introducing warehouse management software

Overview of software:

– Import and export reports: view reports can not be easier, just select the date to see is finished.

– You can check how much stock is left on quantity and value for each item

– Smart code filtering tool for fast and accurate data entry

– Code optimizing data processing speed allows managing up to 10,000 item codes

– Warning stock is out when you export more than the stock in stock

– Print warehousing / warehousing easily: Just select the number of printed tickets

– Allocating shipping costs and other costs for specific supplies, lots, warehouses or import notes.

– Manage the limit of supplies and goods in stock

– Manage and track orders, and based on production plans, inventory levels to calculate and make purchase plans.

– Calculate the cost price automatically by the method: Nominal price, weighted average price, time-of-average price, first-in, first-out price.

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Advantages of warehouse management software

– The cost of owning software copyright is much lower than other software. High stability and flexibility in management.

– Enthusiastic support team. We support customers to upgrade simple features for free. With the request to add new features or edit takes time, we will research and quote costs for guests with very preferential prices.

– The software is lightweight, runs fast and is stable.

– Nice interface, very convenient navigation bar.

– Do not worry about losing data or having to reinstall the software when reinstalling your computer like other software

– Easily backup data from one device to another.

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