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Phần mềm CRM

Skytech – CRM customer relationship management CRM software


* CRM software Do not worry about employees leaving work

* Increase customer conversion rate

* Increase the percentage of customers reusing service products

* Go out and still manage employees to do a good job

* Increase sales by at least 30%

Phần mềm CRM


Increase conversion rates into contracts because you have understood and captured customers’ emotions

Manage all customer information: Company, contact person, phone number, email address

Transaction history and customer records are clearly saved

Automatically send Email and SMS => Save time, cost, personnel hire customer care staff

Increase your business presence with customers

Customer care and pursuing customers at all stages that customers access products of the business.

There are customer care processes for the most professional and effective business managers

100% of customers are taken care of

Lợi ít về CRM

2: Why need to build CRM Software

Because CRM helps businesses create strong business relationships. Businesses can accurately grasp the needs of customers to come up with strategies to retain them. Interaction will make customers who have good experiences decide to buy the company’s products. This process repeats many times the company has loyal customers and profits from it

3: Benefits of CRM software

CRM software manages customer information in the most scientific and focused way – all customer information will be displayed fully and in detail through a mouse click. It will no longer be time to manage manual information by taking notes in books or by excel files. Not only that, with strong marketing tools, CRM will help customer care become simple. Since then, businesses will understand customers better to make appropriate adjustments.

CRM software enhances employee performance, saves cost and time in management. Increase the links and information exchange among departments in the enterprise. Administrators can monitor operations, decentralize company employees through software. Also from the software, CEOs will have the best overview of the operation of departments and businesses.

*: Features CRM software helps businesses

Support uploading data from Excel, classifying by age, gender, region …

The security of system data is applied according to the mechanism of banks

Customize data fields to suit every Business

Manage, filter data simply by many criteria

Quản lý khách hàng

* Customer care

Schedule, remind the calendar with customers

Easily update customer information, opportunities, quotes, contracts

Integrated PBX shows customer information when a call comes in

* Categorize customer status

After reaching customers to some extent. The classification of customer characteristics will help employees easily understand customers and interact with customers later

Actively evaluate the process of reaching customers to make it easier for employees to interact with customers

Capture specific details of customer information

Tư Vấn Khách hàng

. * Contract management

Manage jobs by user, do not lose data when ex-employees leave

Remind staff to set a schedule


  • Easy to use, super-fast operation
  • Good data security
  • Expert in designing business and customer care team
  • Package Marketing-Sale-Warehouse-Sales-Installation-Warranty-Customer Care
  • Reasonable cost, many suitable packages

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