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Phần Mềm HRM

HRM HR management software: V-HRM

1: You have no control over the time, the employee’s work sense due to regulations, company rules are not standardized.

2: You can’t control the progress of your employees’ work due to the lack of support tools.

3: Sometimes You feel anxious, even helpless with the errors and delays of staff in the timekeeping, payroll.

4: You do not know how or even bewildered in promoting and engaging employees in the Company.

5: You do not have to report an immediate HR management due to scattered, unfocused data

  • HRM software is a web-based HR management software, supporting jobs in human resource management such as recruitment, training, development and evaluation.

  • V-HRM provides multi-dimensional information about employees – personal information, skills, learning process, work experience

Phần Mềm HRM
HRM Software
  • At Skytech, there is always a team of experts in management, consulting for businesses .Standardizing and optimizing business processes of businesses

_ So products of Human Resource Management software developed and developed by Skytech always meet the management requirements. and bring management experts.

Software management functions on personnel profile:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Staff information

  • Family relationship

  • Join the union

  • Working process
  • Apprenticeship process

  • Probation process

  • Labor contract

  • Transfer, transfer

  • Salary process

  • Participating in social insurance, health insurance

  • Training process

  • Reward and discipline

  • Quit

  • Reports, statistics, search for personnel profile information

  • Print employee card

Salary management – General policy setting

Quản Lý tiền lương
Payroll Management

* Definition of wage and salary norms

* Target definition and payroll formula

  • Periodic salary regulation

  • Salary calculation criteria

  • Deductions (taxes, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, …)

  • Formulation

  • Apply salary formula to units and divisions

  • Update arising data

  • Summary of timesheets (from attendance software)

  • Update the value of salary calculation criteria (products, subsidies, deductions, …)

  • Payroll
  • Prepare and print detailed payroll

  • Salary payment

  • Prepare and Print paychecks

  • Prepare and Print a general payroll

  • Report on social insurance, health insurance, personal income tax

  • Salary settlement

Timekeeping management

  • Connect timekeeping device

  • Definition of shift

  • Schedule work shifts

  • Automatic timekeeping

  • Manual timekeeping

  • Attendance statistics report

Quản lý chấm công

System management

  • Manage categories

  • Management and use rights

  • Set operation parameters

  • Backup and restore data


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