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quảng cáo Google Adwords

Google Adwords Advertising

Advertising Google Adwords is still a popular online advertising channel today: Reaching the right target customers, right time they are in demand. Easily control your budget, spend as much as you 20,000 – 500,000 VND / day. When customers click on your Google ads to charge.

quảng cáo Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords Advertising?

Google Adwords is the easiest and fastest way to advertise your brand, website, image … on Google and other websites associated with Google. Advertising Google Adwords with the ability to customize, flexible in the budget and advertising messages; this will help drive leads extremely effectively.
Google Adwords is Google’s advertising exploitation service implemented on search engines and websites in the affiliate system. Adwords brings more than 90% of profits to Google Inc and is the main revenue of the corporation.
Google provides Adwords sponsored advertising solutions for customers by the method of Pay per Click (pay per click) with 3 main forms:
• Advertise keywords on search engines
• Keyword advertising on websites
• Banner advertising on websites
Google Adwords ad thanks to the ability to “know” the ad, identify the right audience interested in advertising and have many customizations to help customers optimize ads and costs:
• Show ads in certain time periods
• Display advertising messages according to selected keywords
• Show ads by region, country or even globally.
• Advertising budget by day, by period.
quảng cáo Google Adwords

Prominent benefits of Google Adwords advertising

  • Target the right customers
– Can identify the right audience interested in advertising
– Customization helps customers optimize ads and costs
– The ability to customize advertising extremely flexible.
– Reaching a large number of customers in the world as well as in Vietnam.
  • Low cost, high efficiency
– Strictly control the effectiveness of the campaign through the detailed reporting system.
– Does not depend on the cost more or less.
– Flexible, effective quickly
  • Advertising displayed quickly
– Advertising appears after set up and waiting for approval, maybe within 24 hours
– Change the advertising content, add keywords anytime you want.
– Advertise in any language in any market you target
quảng cáo Google Adwords

Set up a Google Adword advertising campaign

To set up a Google Adwords advertising campaign, the advertiser must understand the nature, characteristics, as well as the components of an advertising campaign. A highly effective Google Adwords advertising campaign when building detailed advertising plans and appropriate budgets.
The objective of the advertising campaign is one of the important factors to ensure the effectiveness of the Google Adwords advertising campaign. Depending on your goals and budget, you can set up a list of keywords that best fit.
quảng cáo Google Adwords

Cost per click depends on?

• The competitiveness of keywords in adwords advertising.
• The optimal level for advertising campaigns.
• The optimal level for display advertisements.
• The relationship between the ad keyword and its ad.
• The content of the landing page when the customer clicks on.
• The number of clicks on keywords at a given time.
Thanks to the extremely flexible advertising customization, Google Adwords is the first choice in advertising campaigns, helping businesses to effectively target customers.


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