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Digital Conversion Software – New Number , Technology 4.0

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Software Digital Transformation is the application of the most advanced technologies in business processes, thereby providing an advantage over competitors in the market.
When starting out, business owners always think that digital transformation is simply using the internet, artificial intelligence or big data. These technologies are generally the core and most important factor in the digital transformation process, however, before thinking about them, you need to answer the following 2 questions:
  • Does the business have the resources ready to apply these technologies?
  • What are the business goals?

Chuyển Đổi Số

Our solution is developed on both Web and App sides, compatible with all Desktop and Mobile devices, making administration and lookup easy and fast, in addition, Dat Viet’s digital conversion solution Software integrated digital signature to make documents secure, have higher legal value.

FEATURES Digital Conversion Software

Manage and store and share documents: Is a huge and optimal archive of all documents and records to meet the requirements of organizations and businesses. Detail:
♦ Helps to store and classify documents by folders, topics, groups of different fields. This makes managing and searching the easiest and most convenient.
♦ Allow users to handle with many flexible features: View, edit and share. Especially, there is the function of sending documents to sign and approve. And decentralize many people and departments to view, download… on the Mobile App.
♦ Support function to set password for documents to ensure document security. Minimize the possibility of information loss.
♦  Digitally sign documents, making them more secure and legally valid.
♦ Scientific and flexible management of the process and documents to be signed, able to meet the complex types of documents submitted to the enterprise.
♦ Manage outgoing, incoming and internal dispatches more easily.
♦ Support Vietnamese voice text search on both Android and IOS.
Document search: Digitalization Software can search documents in many ways: Search by file, name, creation date. This combines the convenience of managing, preserving, protecting, exploiting and using archival documents with a digital data bank.

3 levels digital transformation for businesses

1. Digital transformation of customer experience

Taking customer experience transformation as the goal when digital transformation applications are not new in today’s businesses. What creates a competitive advantage in this case is the integration of technology, the process of collecting customer information and thereby transforming their experience.

2. Digital transformation of employee experience

As mentioned above, if your management system currently lacks basic digital technologies (such as cloud computing), deal with this problem before starting to implement transition technologies. Deeper digital transformation: Internal communication tools like Slack and HipChat; team and project management tools such as Trello, Jira, Basecamp; CRM and ERP systems…
Because, when the enterprise’s human resources team is still facing difficulties in organizing the working apparatus with a uniform process from the management level to the employee level, the application of digital transformation technology is essential. can not. And when applying more complex activities such as AI, etc., it will be difficult to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

3.  Digital Transformation Operating Process

A business that has not yet applied modeling, automation and continuous improvement in its operational processes should not start other digital transformation technologies.
With data collected from customer experience transformation technology, along with the working culture at businesses associated with digital, it’s time to use BPM (Business Process Management) software. processes) to improve the efficiency of business processes.


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