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Fashion sales management software

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Phần mềm quản lý bán hàng thời trang

Fashion sales management software

Fashion management software was launched to help fashion shops to easily manage their stores more simply because there will be a lot of products from clothes to shoes in the shop. Your fashion accessories can be confusing, confusing, and time-consuming to classify products, but if you use our fashion sales management software, you will easily get the statistics. get my shop’s product in just a few clicks.

Fashion sales management software is ready to upgrade to a higher version to meet management requirements, expanding the scale of fashion store chain stores.

Phần mềm quản lý bán hàng thời trang

The prominent functions of the fashion sales management software

* Reverse query function

– Allow access from general reports to detailed reports, from details to number of vouchers or from invoices to retrieve payment vouchers, etc.

* Comprehensive

– Connect the data of the departments in the enterprise, update the import and export notes, in the supplies department, the bill in the final consumption department to check and aggregate on the general data. Running a multi-user network, security and decentralized details with each user to each function and operation.

* Open system

– Customize the system according to needs and characteristics

– Add or remove information

– Customizing the output reports

– Update / Update automatically when there is internet.

– Import commodity and customer list data from excel

* Perfect interface

– Friendly Windows standard interface, Can Import – Export to many different formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, …..

– Interface and report display multiple languages as optional.

– Using Vietnamese fonts, Unicode national standard.

– Format, set all utilities right on the software.

– Multi-barcode reading technology, print barcodes directly from the software

* High security

– Data is automatically backed up

– The ability to decentralize users to each function.

– Save traces of erasing, saving, saving data

– Save the information of the object to see the report

– Ability to completely ban or partially ban the user’s rights when

– Manage permissions to each user, restrict, extend features (View, be added, deleted, modified, printed) for each user.

phần mềm quản lý bán hàng thời trang

Features of stylish sales management software

Customer management

  • Store customer information: full name, phone, email, website, …
  • Allow to set separate preferential rates for each customer group, each customer. When customers purchase the system automatically identifies and applies the price appropriate to each object.

Goods management

  • The flexible design program allows users to define and classify goods by category or by category, color, etc.
  • Management of goods in multiple units
  • Support product barcode printing. Can use many barcode standards such as EAN-13, EAN-8, …
  • Support quick price update function for goods

Sales Manager

+ Manage quotes

  • Support to quickly create quotes for customers. Print quotes to send to customers.
  • Quickly convert from quotation to purchase order or delivery note.

+ Manage orders

  • Fashion sales management software Support to quickly create orders & print orders for customers.
  • Assign staff to approve orders before exporting.
  • You can quickly convert orders into sales orders or copy them into similar orders.

+ Sales management

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use sales screen, combined with shortcuts, helps salespeople create tickets and print Bill quickly.
  • Support sales by barcode (Barcode).
  • Allows quick search right on the sales screen.
  • Quick view of inventory
  • Automatically calculate discounts – promotions for customers
  • Identify customers and automatically apply preferential rates for each customer.
  • Payment in multiple currencies is allowed.
  • Allows payment by many forms of payment: Visa, Master, Voucher, customer card, …
  • Allows to temporarily save votes to create sales tickets for other customers.

+ Manage delivery

  • Lets enter the customer returned.
  • Manage the money returned to guests.

+ Set up promotions

  • In fashion sales management software allows Support to set up and manage promotions easily and flexibly.
  • Allow to set promotions by items such as gift giving, buying discounted goods, purchases with other items, …
  • Allow to set promotion for each order such as: buying coupon with value, discount or gift enclosed.
  • After setting up, the system automatically checks customers’ purchases, if they meet the above criteria, they will automatically apply corresponding discounts and promotions.

+ Manage customer debt

  • Allows sales by means of payment such as cash or liabilities or partial prepayment.
  • Track payment terms on each export slip. Report the debts over the maturity date.
  • Keep track of liabilities by each customer. Detailed report on liabilities by customers. Summary statement of receivables.
  • Keep track of customer deposits. Manage the clearing and return the deposit to the guest.

Warehouse management

  • Stylish sales management software that allows users to manage multiple warehouses at once.
  • Statistics of inventory number by each warehouse.
  • Allows searching inventory by attributes such as color, size, …
  • Warning minimum inventory, largest inventory.
  • Management of other types of import and export (import of goods rotation, shipment cancellation, gift delivery, …)
  • Warehouse management (moving goods from warehouse to warehouse)
  • Inventory management.
  • Connect to inventory equipment. Allow inventory with specialized equipment.
  • Allows importing inventory results from Excel file
  • Adjust warehouse

Purchase manager

  • Manage purchases from suppliers
  • Manage purchases from suppliers
  • Managing payment of purchases
  • Manage supplier returns
  • Management of deposits, supplier liabilities

Management of revenue – expenditure – money fund

  • Manage collection and payment of debts for customers and suppliers.
  • Management of other revenues and expenditures such as employee salaries, advance payments, stationery expenses, …
  • Manage bank accounts. Rotate money between bank accounts, between bank accounts and cash.
  • Report of the day’s funds
  • Detailed report of revenues
  • Detailed report of expenses
  • Detailed report of bank accounts

Reporting system

  • Sales report: including reports related to sales situation such as sales report of the day, detailed report of sales, summary report of sales, detailed report of sale, report. consolidated sales report, …
  • Warehouse report: including warehouse related reports such as inventory report, inventory card, inventory report, return and receipt report, report on return goods, …
  • Purchase report: including reports related to the purchase situation, such as details of purchases, details of liabilities, summary of liabilities, reconciliation of suppliers’ liabilities, etc.
  • Report on revenue and expenditure – cash fund: includes reports related to cash fund such as cash fund report, revenue and expenditure reports, etc.
  • Sales staff reports: including reports on business results for each employee such as sales diary, in addition, fashion sales management software also manages sales details by employees, statistics. pre-sales by employee, …

Phần mềm quản lý bán hàng thời trang

Benefits of using fashion sales management software

  • Product management, simple product list
  • Look up product information quickly and conveniently
  • Easy to read product information via barcodes makes billing and product management simpler to avoid inconvenience for customers.
  • Automatically subtract the products that have been sold and update in the warehouse to help manage inventory and notify when the product is nearly out of stock so that the administrator can easily grasp to enter more items more easily to avoid. Bad customer status but no product.
  • Can be easily managed remotely or via mobile devices to look up store and chain management easily.
  • Fast cash collection and payment help to avoid confusion and time wasted by customers and cashiers.
  • Processing sales reports quickly by day, month, month, statistics of best-selling products by item, product group, by supplier, …
  • Avoid the fact that some dishonest accounting staff affect your reputation in the hearts of customers.
  • There are also many other points of interest, …



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