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Mobile phone shop management software

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Mobile phone shop management software

Mobile phone store management software is becoming an indispensable need. Why do you say that? As you know today with the rapid development of technology in general and the mobile phone sector in particular, mobile phones have become essential needs of consumers.

Along with that is the rapid development of the field of mobile phone sales … As the business growth, business enterprises in the field of phones will face certain difficulties in managing. physical. Mobile phone store management is typically a high-value item, so it requires accurate item information management on each product unit.

Mobile shop store management software solution

1. Manage your phone under IMEI / Serial

The management of phones by IMEI or Serial is very important because with the characteristics of the phone store, each product has a different EMEI code, corresponding to the number of phones in the store.

This EMEI management also helps you sell goods faster because you can convention the EMEI number is the barcode of the product, then with a barcode scanner you can charge the product faster without remembering. price, it’s convenient.

2. Absolutely accurate warehouse management

Each phone has a small value, good management of the products in stores and warehouses is extremely important because otherwise there will be a great loss of assets.

Our software helps you clearly and accurately manage each product. Operations in sales, delivery, warranty, and inventory operations are recorded in detail, you can track reports related to the product very intuitively.

3. Customer management

Receiving a message is a wish or even a small gift for a birthday, a celebration, customers will be very excited and remember your brand forever.

Phone store management software supports storing customer information such as names, phone numbers, birthdays, notes about habits and preferences in detail. Help you build close relationships with effective customers.

4. Give you more free time

With phone shop management software you can manage everything in real time. This means that you may not be in the store, you can still cover all the sales in the store from sales, liabilities, revenue and expenditure …

Instead of having to go back and forth between stores that are both laborious and time-consuming, now you can sit in one place with your phone, tablet or computer and be able to grasp the entire business situation. through the software.

Thanks to this, you can spend time with family and friends, research new marketing plans to increase sales, or you can also travel without having to worry about store management.


The function of phone shop management software

1. Managing import and export

+ Allow to calculate inventories prices by different methods: first in – first out, monthly average, mobile average, and specific name.

+ There are many specific input screens handy for users such as direct import, export, purchase, import, cost entry, returned goods, suppliers, dispatched warehouse …

+ Managing import and export

+ Manage import details

+ General management of goods import

+ Manage shipping details

+ General export management

+ Managing import and export

+ Warehouse card

+ Detailed book of supplies

2. Revenue management

+ Revenue management by day / month / year

+ Manage revenue over time

+ Manage details of revenue

+ General management of revenue

+ Analysis of revenue from time to time

+ Management of returned goods

+ Sales report by employee

+ Sales analysis chart

3. Managing cash book

+ General management of cash / deposit collection

+ Manage cash / deposit details

+ Balance sheet of revenue and expenditure

+ General expenditure management

+ Manage details

+ Cash fund book

4. Debt management

+ Summary of customer liabilities

+ Detailed table of customer liabilities

+ Summary of customer liabilities by invoice

+ Detailed list of customer debt by invoice

+ Summary of supplier liabilities

+ Detailed table of supplier liabilities

+ Summary of supplier liabilities by invoice

+ Detailed list of supplier liabilities by invoice

+ Notice of customer debt

+ Supplier debt notice

5. Manage promotions

+ Promotion with cash, discount, discount

+ Promotions to give gifts, to give goods

+ Promotion with both money and goods

+ Selling 1 code can give you lots of codes

+ Hourly promotion (Happy hour)

+ Applies to all customers or to some customers

6. Contract management and commission calculation

+ Contract list: Number, date, duration, content, value

+ Commission commission table for contracts.

+ Commission for referrals

+ Calculate commission for sales staff

+ Monthly sales report. (Phone store management software)

7. Automatic inventory warning

+ Inventory is warned based on the minimum inventory limit and maximum stock limit.
+ Warning export / sell too inventory

8. Automatic warning of customer debt

+ Based on the debt limit exceeding the level allowed by the customer

9. Managing multiple branches and industries

+ Winta Sales aggregates data on all reports in many branches and many different industries.

10. Send report via Email to the manager and customers

+ Just a simple operation, can send detailed reports … to many people at the same time, in a period of only in seconds




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