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Cosmetic Store Management Software

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Cosmetic Store Management Software

Using cosmetics is a common habit of Vietnamese people, so the cosmetics store management software will be an effective choice for cosmetic shops. Nowadays, not only women, the male cosmetics are also quite popular. Therefore, the quality cosmetics business people are increasingly getting more profit. Rumors spread far, those who have gained a certain reputation in the cosmetics business will certainly be introduced by new customers, so the order keeps increasing.

One thing is for sure, business owners and business owners all have difficulties in managing stores. Thousands of items with millions of categories, uses, attributes, brands, colors always cause business people to have a headache and it is very difficult to fix this problem manually. There has been a workaround. Cosmetic store management software will replace you do everything automatically.

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The functions of cosmetics store management software

Document management

+ Invoice of imported goods

+ Wholesale invoice

+ Retail invoice

+ Orders with suppliers

+ Orders from customers

+ Quotation

Revenue management

+ Manage daily revenue

+ Manage revenue over time

+ Manage details of revenue

+ General management of revenue

+ Managing strange returns

+ Sales report by employee

Debt control

+ Summary of customer liabilities

+ Detailed table of customer liabilities

+ Summary of supplier liabilities

+ Detailed table of supplier liabilities

+ Notice of customer debt

+ Supplier debt notice

Use expiry date management

+ Manage details of the expiry date of each imported shipment

+ Warning before the expiry date for customers.

+ Managing import and export

+ Manage import details

+ General management of goods import

+ Manage shipping details

+ General export management

+ Managing import and export

+ Warehouse card

Managing cash book

+ General expenditure management

+ Manage details

+ Collection management

+ Manage collection details

+ Balance sheet of revenue and expenditure

+ Cash fund book

Job reminder alert system

+ Prompt to pay customers’ payment

+ Prompt payment to supplier

+ Remind customers to go over the limit

+ Referring to customers’ birthdays

Automatic inventory warning

+ Inventory is warned based on the minimum inventory limit and maximum stock limit.

Automatic debt customer warning

+ Based on customer debt limit

Customer care

+ Manage your full name, address, birthday, email phone number, customers, automatically send email, happy birthday SMS, upgrade membership cards, information about discounts, promotions, brands New cosmetics to each customer.

Manage promotions

+ Setting up promotions at the same time by cosmetic, perfume or by invoice value for each different customer group. The promotional codes for these programs are managed on the Faceworks system. You only need to access the software to manage promotions easily and conveniently.

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Smart warehouse management with cosmetic store management software

Every day, are you having a headache about:

Every morning to wake up to sum the current stock in the warehouse. Can be recorded, calculated and re-counted each item to see if the data on the paper is correct.

Every night, think again, remember to forget how many orders today, how many products? Enter how many rows? Then click the calculator to calculate the amount of inventory in each category. This stage costs a lot of time and effort. And the effect is not high. Calculated data is easy to be flawed and misleading.

Cosmetic store management software supports intelligent warehouse management function. You do not need to spend time going to the warehouse, no need to sit at a desk to calculate. All data you sell software automatically add inventory every time you import goods, except when you create a sales order, the number of inventory of each type … In addition, the software can also alert the types of upcoming goods. out of stock to remind the shop owner to know and make a timely import plan for the store.

Support use on the phone of cosmetics store management software anywhere

The preeminent feature of SKYTECH sales management software that few products of the same type in the market have is support for use on phones. Whether you go out, shopping, traveling and your store staff, you can manage your small shop anywhere.

You can effectively manage employees by assigning employees according to their specific roles.

Not stopping there, there are many, many more advanced features that smart cosmetic store management software gives you. You can explore the software to support your business easily and effectively. Supplier management, supplier and customer debt management, customer management, sales invoice management, promotion management, product combo management …

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