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PMS project management software

PMS (Project Management System) is a construction project information management solution. PMS is suitable for investors. The project management software board and the consultancy organization shall comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law. PMS is an investment project management software in accordance with the construction project management process under the Construction Law 2014, Bidding Law 2013, Decree 59/2015 / ND-CP, 32/2015 / ND-CP, 46/2015 / ND-CP, 84/2015 / ND-CP, 63/2014 / ND-CP and guiding circulars.

Just enter simple input information, the software automatically outputs the text. Report as prescribed by law such as project approval, design – cost estimates. Contractor selection plan, investment evaluation and supervision report, project settlement report …

The software synthesizes planning and actual information about costs, progress and volume for bidding packages and contracts over time.

The software automatically alerts the errors of costs, progress, and volume during project implementation, helping investors avoid legal risks.


Using project management software helps users to manage the overall project. From the policy making to the acceptance, even information after the end of the project. The steps are updated quickly and saved on the system. Very convenient for managers to monitor the project process. From there give timely guidance, or find information of the project easily.

This is a centralized working system, so all business owners and investment employees work on a single system. This helps business owners easily manage and update the working situation. At the same time, you can also track how the project progress, which employees manage to push, or make decisions quickly on the software.

Project management software helps businesses reduce redundant tasks in the work process, time and costs for management, which can effectively manage, avoid losses and increase productivity. for the whole business.

System for viewing and editing data of project management software. Helping leaders work well with employees while preserving important inside information.


1. Just need to input simple input information, the software automatically outputs documents and reports as prescribed by law such as preparing project appraisal, project approval, design – estimation, accounting. contractor selection plan, investment evaluation and supervision report, project settlement report …;

2. Planning and updating actual implementation of costs, progress and volumes for bidding packages and contracts. Can summarize information about plans and actual implementation over time for one or more projects;

3. Summary of contract progress and actual implementation, allowing updates from MS PROJECT to the actual schedule. Allow warning about the end of the contract, over the acceptance period and late schedule;

4. Allows updating the volume of work details from MS EXCEL that are extracted from the estimation software;

5. The software automatically warns errors in costs, progress and volume during project implementation to help investors avoid legal risks;

6. Having a work management module suitable to the actual operation in Vietnam;

7. Integrated document management using digital methods to save time and minimize the risk of file loss;

8. Has the function of decentralizing user management and project information security.

Automatic warning of errors during project implementation helps investors avoid legal risks

1. Warning of the type of expense in the total investment or total cost estimate

– The total cost estimate is larger than the total investment for each type of expense;

– The total contract value is larger than the total cost estimate for each expense type;

2. Warning of bidding package

– The winning value is bigger than the bidding package;

– The total value of adjusted contracts under a bidding package is larger than the value of the bidding package;

3. Contract warnings: schedule, value, volume of the contract

– Warning before the contract ends “x” days (x is the number of days declared by the user in the system parameter settings / Default value).

– The contract has not been accepted yet but the current time has passed the expected end date;

– The contract is behind schedule (the contract has been accepted but the acceptance date is larger than the expected end date)

– The value of acceptance of the contract is larger than the value of the adjusted contract;

– The total volume of pre-acceptance test of work is larger than the volume of modified contract work;

– The total contract payment volume is larger than the total work acceptance volume;

– The total payment volume is larger than the adjusted contract work volume.



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