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Student management software – English center

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Phần mềm quản lý học viên

Student management software is a comprehensive management solution in managing one or more branches / facilities of foreign language, informatics, vocational schools, … built on the latest technology foundation today. Microsoft .NET, SQL Server data management system, high security, enhances professionalism in management and serves as a bridge between schools, teachers, students, and parents.

Phần mềm quản lý học viên

Functions and modules of the student management software

Managing trainees

  • Track and manage general information of students
  • Manage students who register for a course to have a specific counseling plan
  • List and track the students’ progress such as which course they are studying, how they are paying, the results and too
  • Learning Process of Students (Student Management Software)
  • Save the employee’s input check information
  • Management of tuition fee exemption and reduction, class transfer, reservation …
  • Capture the teacher’s work performance through KPIs, students’ feedback and survey results

Teacher management

  • Manage information, records of teachers and staff
  • Keep track of the teacher’s class time
  • Praise, discipline
  • Schedule and remind work schedule

Manage potential customers

  • Fully manage customer information such as: personal information, contact information, type of customer (individual / business), number of times contacted, bank account number and other related information. to manage customer records.
  • Manage soft-copy documents related to customers
  • Managing customer potential ratings (high / medium / low)
  • Manage customer resources
  • Diverse customer search function, filter searching for customers with many criteria
  • Function to import / export customers to excel file
  • Function to add data fields about customers

Phần mềm quản lý học viên

Financial management

  • Payment of tuition fees (cash or bank transfer)
  • Manage the purchase and sale of books, backpacks, CDs, ..
  • Manage the closing of multiple modules
  • Track receivables
  • Revenue management implemented and unrealized
  • Tracking overdue debts, bad debts, ..

Administering entrance exam

  • Software supporting exam schedule, list of students for entrance exam
  • Update and announce the results of each student’s entrance exam
  • Notification of test results to students. (Student management software)
  • From the entrance exam results to support placement according to each criteria.
  • Update placement information.

Manager placement

  • Students will receive their class information based on the results of the entrance exam.
  • The management department will manage student information according to the class system, for each group of students.
  • Synchronize information and training plans for students for each specific class.
  • Managing students’ learning results, evaluating and having reasonable rewards and penalties.

Shared catalog module

  • Managing types of training (short-term classes, …)
  • Manage training programs (kindergarten, children, teenagers, general, …)
  • Classroom management (rooms 101,102, …, 201,202, …)
  • Classroom management (kitty1, mickey1, EIC1, ….)
  • Manage each study shift (7h30-> 9h30, …, 17h30-19h30, …)
  • Manage days, days (Monday 2-4-6, Tuesday 3-5-7, …, or Saturday-Sunday)
  • Manage teacher information (foreign teachers, organic teachers, visiting lecturers or tutors, …)
  • Manage the list of textbooks, teaching materials, backpacks, uniforms, …
  • Manage textbooks, teaching materials, … (Student management software)
  • Manage unit groups
  • Manage the list of partners (providers of textbooks, teaching materials, …, customers, students)
  • Manage revenue and expenditure
  • Manage revenue and expenditure groups

Phần mềm quản lý học viên

Professional module of Accounting Department

  • Manage and set up daily cash collection and spending items
  • Manage cash register with daily expenses and expenses
  • Manage and set up textbooks, teaching tools, tools, equipment, stationery, …
  • Warehouse management (import – export – inventory), textbooks, teaching materials, vpp, …
  • Manage and set fees for each type of teacher
  • Manage the salary calculation for each type of teacher periodically by week, by month, …

Statistical Report module

  • Tuition Revenue Report, …
  • Report on Salary Expenses, office expenses, other expenses, …
  • Reported -chi cash fund
  • Warehouse report
  • Reports import and export textbooks, cd, equipment
  • Support extract all reports in Excel, pdf, word, html.

Management software benefits trainees bring to training centers

– Closely monitor the learning progress of students
– Improving the ability of the manager to manage and analyze through reports
– Manage records, papers, student resumes to help look up and statistics quickly and easily.
– Track students’ learning results, attendance, reward, discipline … throughout the course.
– Manage tuition, receivables, and receipts
– Integrate with website with software, automatically update to the system.
– Support upload data from Excel



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