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Phần mềm quản lý resort

Resort management software solutions are designed according to the concept of “Open System”, combining creativity between “programming technology” and “document flow management process system” as well as “knowledge. in terms of expertise and profession “. With many outstanding features, optimization, and closely linking data between departments from Sales – FO – HK – F & B … to BO, in order to improve the efficiency of administration, suitable to meet the requirements. current and future demand for 3 to 5-star Hotel / Resort. Resort management software is applied in the management of activities to improve the professionalism of the business with reasonable costs.


  • Management of service usage from customers’ scheduling, tracking the customer order processing process. When the user enters the certificate, the RESORT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE will automatically notify the customer liabilities, supplier liabilities, inventory quantity.
  • Manage sales and profits of each service
  • Easy communication and work handling support between employees and departments.
  • All customer information and related information are stored on the software to avoid loss, and users can easily find them again when needed.
  • Allows management of customer liabilities, supplier liabilities according to each document. While entering sales invoice:
  • Users can quickly see the profit on the currently entered voucher.
  • Support for many methods of cost calculation: First-in first-out, weighted average, last received price, .. Helping customers conveniently choose their own COGS calculation method.
  • Easily customize the software as the workflow changes.


Service usage management

  • Management of sales of services: support to quickly create invoices according to orders to record payment information of customers.
  • Service order management: the system manages the shipment process of each order and tracks the status of the orders.
  • Collection management: recording revenues from customers such as debt collection, money collection … the system automatically accounts the revenues according to one or more documents.
  • Manage stock transfer notes, release notes and inventory statistics while using the services

Manage warehouse and materials, equipment

  • Detailed management of goods, list of goods: date of entry, consignment entered, serial number, expiry date of goods
  • Warnings about expiry, expiry date, goods to date of shipment, warn of out of stock when the quantity of goods reaches the minimum threshold …
  • Manage the plan of importing goods, stockpiling goods, managing inventory, needed goods …
  • Manage detailed types of goods: return goods, goods for each part ….
  • Manage cost of goods, costs incurred related to goods, to transfer to the accountant
  • It is possible to customize the warehouse, transporting goods from one warehouse to the other.
  • New feature to add export and warehouse receipts.

Manage scheduling of services

  • Record restaurant reservation information and store information
  • Create and store service information, quote and manage customer situation
  • Warning, notification of care appointment date, quote date to guests via SMS, Email, …
  • Assign employees or specialized departments directly on the software
  • Update paid amount and debt, deposit information, …
  • Statistics of sales by month, by person in charge …
  • Creating booking on Request basis
  • Automatically convert revenues to accounting for easy tracking and management

Financial and accounting management

  • Planning financial and accounting plans
  • Debt control; accounts receivable and payable
  • Cost cost accounting
  • Management of fixed assets – PAR
  • General Accounting
  • Tax reports / financial statements

Track payments and print bil

  • Update payment of detailed services quickly to manage.
  • Automatic billing by hour (day).
  • Allows payment many times Print bill
  • Allows viewing temporarily before printing.
  • You can print 2 copies at once, with the number of pages, and save the temporary print time.
  • Update and manage expenses for each item, each item effectively
  • Promptly notify and alert the due date, payment date, or overdue payment via software homepage system, SMS, Email,….
  • Capable of statistics, aggregating revenues, expenditures and debts according to various criteria: customers, partners, receivers, ….

Employee manager

  • Statistics of departments in the resort, the number of members in departmental departments, functions and duties of the department.
  • Information of members of each department, contact information and related information
  • Update the working situation and assign jobs, notify departments quickly
  • Evaluate the working ability of each department, employee.
  • Human resource contract management, employee salary, daily timekeeping, leave and payroll timesheet

Manage promotions, marketing

  • Management software promotions for loyal customers.
  • Earn points for customers who buy from the store …
  • The function of storing information of potential customers of the store.



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