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Fashion shop management software – clothes

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Phần mềm quản lý shop thời trang

Simple and effective fashion shop management software specially designed for fashion stores. Quick website synchronization, easy connection of receipt printers and barcode equipment

  • Manage all types of goods: clothes, shoes, backpacks, bags, hats, glasses, accessories …
  • Manage types of goods: type, size, color … convenient
  • Keep track of exact quantity and inventory value
  • SUPER SIMPLE, staff only need 5 minutes to get acquainted and sell

Outstanding functions of fashion shop management software

* Advanced technology

* Reverse query function

– Allow access from general reports to detailed reports, from details to number of vouchers or from invoices to access back to payment documents, …

* Comprehensive

– Connect data of departments in the business, update the entry form, the export slip, the supplies department, the invoice in the final consumption department to check the general data. Running multi-user network, securing and decentralizing in detail with each user to each function and operation.

* Open system

– Customize the system according to needs and characteristics
– Add or remove information
– Customization of output reports
– Update / Update automatically when internet is available.
– Import data of catalog of goods and customers from excel

* Perfect interface

– Standard Windows interface is user-friendly, Can Import – Export to many different formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, …..
– Interface and report display in multiple languages ​​option.
– Use national standard Vietnamese font Unicode.
– Format and set up all utilities right on the software.
– Multi-code barcode reading technology, printing bar codes directly from the software

* High security

– Data is automatically backed up
– The ability to decentralize users to each function.
– Save traces of erasing and saving data
– Save information of object viewing reports
– Ability to ban in whole or in part a user’s permissions when
– Manage decentralization to each user, restrict and expand features (viewed, added, deleted, edited, printed) for each user.

The main function of the fashion shop management software

* Import and export fashion shop management software

+ Allows calculating inventory prices by many different methods: first in – first out, monthly average, mobile average, by name.
+ There are many unique input screens convenient for users such as direct import, export, import, import, cost entry, returned goods, supplier return, warehouse transfer …
+ Import and export management
+ Manage inventory by color, by size
+ Manage import details
+ General management of goods import
+ Manage export details
+ General export management
+ Import and export management
+ Warehouse card
+ Detail book of materials

* Manage clothing shop management software revenue

+ Manage revenue by day / month / year
+ Manage revenue over time
+ Manage sales details
+ General management of revenue
+ Analyze revenue from time to time
+ Manage sales returns
+ Report sales by employee
+ Sales analysis chart

* Cash book management fashion shop management software

+ General management of cash collection / deposit
+ Manage cash collection / deposit details
+ Balance sheet of income and expenditure
+ General management of expenditure
+ Detailed management

* Automatic inventory alerts

+ Inventory is warned based on the minimum stock limit and maximum stock limit.
+ Warning of over / selling inventory

* Email report for clothing store management software

+ At the end of the day, the program automatically sends email to the manager

* Promotion management vip card clothing shop management software

+ Issue vip card, accumulate points for points
+ Promotion on total bill
+ Promotional goods
Offer forever in batches



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