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Professional software design is an extremely important stage in the software project development process. This is also an important stage in the career development process of software engineers.

When there is a need to manage an enterprise’s business in a professional way more effectively. Then software is a powerful tool. But the process of designing professional software also makes some businesses not having difficulties:

– You worry about software when the design is not right for your business. Because you are not familiar with the field of software design

– Software implementation is more difficult than previous practices.

Thiết kế phần mềm chuyên nghiệp

Our professional software design services

+ Custom software design: Customized software design is software that is individually designed according to each function towards the specific and practical needs of an enterprise.

+ Design of cheap software: Designing cheap software in Danang is the process of translating the system information service specifications of a system into a software system specification.

+ Warehouse management software design: Warehouse management software design is designed to manage the entire work of import, export, inventory, adjustment of supplies and tools in a tightly linked environment with building management module, asset management, supply management.

+ Customer care software design: Customer care software design is an achievement of advanced science and technology. The advent of this software has helped many businesses solve difficult problems in customer management and customer care.

+ Electronic office software design: EOffice electronic office software helps exchange information. Executive, document management, work records quickly.

+ Hotel management software design: Hotel management software is becoming a hot profession. A hotel manager is a business planner. Monitoring and managing the operation of the hotel.

+ Financial management software design: FRM financial management software is one of the most important tasks in company management including. The plan of using capital sources, ensuring the implementation of production and business projects, timely monitoring and evaluation of financial plans.

+ Human resource management software design: Human Resource Management Software is the workforce management of an organization, business, company, human resource.

+ Designing business management software: An ERP business management software integrates the common functions of an organization into a single system.

+ Production management software design: Every manufacturing enterprise has different management methods and processes. Requires a flexible production management software. Fully and accurately respond to that management process and manner.

Thiết kế phần mềm chuyên nghiệp


1. Receiving customer comments:

– Listen to customers’ opinions, Analyze issues that concern customers.

– Consulting necessary issues and arising when customers have not mentioned.

2. Designing interface templates and software operations upon completion:

– From the customer management needs SKYTECH software design company will draft the star interface when completed for the customer.

– When the customer agrees on the interface and features, the company will submit the entire software system. The mode of operation once again for all relevant personnel of the customer unified.

3. Implementing professional software design:

– Completing the process of unifying the steps of implementation, SKYTECH Company will implement the software on each interface.

– Progress reports for customers and for customers moderating according to the previous design.

4. Software upgrade and maintenance:

– Our company receives every information reflected from the software. Upgrade to suit the operational purpose of the business from time to time.


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