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Designing cheap software in Da Nang

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Design software

I. What is software design?

Software design is a process of problem solving and planning of a software solution.After the software’s goals and specifications are decided, the programmer will design or hire a designer to develop a plan for a software solution. It includes low-level components, algorithmic issues as well as an architectural view (Wikipedia entry).

II. Why do you need to design a software?

  • Managing labor is quite a difficult job. For businesses with thousands of workers, the management of workers needs close coordination between many departments. But for small businesses when the management is still not synchronized, the labor regulations are not clear, and there are not many tools to support, the management of workers also has their own difficulties.
  • With the job of a manager, you need to be able to control, cover all restaurant operations as well as the ability to manage employees, understand the performance and working attitude of each employee. A good employee may not become a good manager.


1. Receiving customer comments:

– Listen to customers’ opinions, Analyze issues that concern customers.

– Consulting necessary issues and arising when customers have not mentioned.

2. Designing interface templates and software operations upon completion:

– From the customer management needs SKYTECH software design company will draft the star interface when completed for the customer. The content displays as well as functional buttons on the usage and location as well as its color to customers before making on each screen of the software system.

– When the customer agrees on the interface and features, the company will submit the entire software system. The mode of operation is once again for all relevant personnel of the customer unified.

3. Implementation of software design:

– Completing the process of unifying the steps of implementation, SKYTECH Company will implement the software on each interface.

– Progress report for customers and for customers moderating according to the previous design.

4. Software upgrade and maintenance:

– Our company receives every information reflected from the software. Upgrade to suit the operational purpose of the business from time to time

iV. What will you get when designing software?

With management software, you directly control the total amount of goods sold and imported. The quantity of products sold and compared is always consumed to make plans for changes in the future.

If you are interested in this solution, you can contact us to try the software and feel the change every day of your business.



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