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The secret to increasing sales thanks to Facebook

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The secret to increasing sales thanks to Facebook. When familiar with products, services and incentives from businesses (DN). Customers will often tend to stop by and shop at the store.
Here are 5 suggestions from Facebook to help increase sales for businesses.

Set up a Facebook page full of information.

To attract a large number of customers to visit the store, business owners should ensure their Facebook page meets the following criteria:
  • Have full store contact information for customers to easily find, including address, phone number and business hours.
  • Choose a nice and clear cover photo. Show space, products and services of the store. Do not forget to set the avatar as the logo of the enterprise.
  • Register from 1 to 3 business types for fanpage. This registration helps the website to appear in the search results of the search engines or when the user is nearby. If you are not sure about your business type. Ask existing customers themselves.

Identifying customers on Facebook

What do your favorite customers have in common? How do businesses want to have more customers? Businesses should consider the following issues:
– Is there a specific group of customers with a particular interest in a particular product, sale, or offer?

Create engaging content.

Once you have clearly defined the audience you want to target and the message you want to convey. Businesses can start creating and promoting posts on their Facebook page:
  • Create posts that show the best features of your business. Use images and information to vividly illustrate your business, attracting customers to visit your store.
  • Express yourself openly and honestly. Sincerity – expressed through actions such as asking questions when not fully understood, being willing to admit mistakes when they are wrong, and demonstrating why they are passionate about the business and customers – helps bring people together .
  • Post regularly and at the right time. Businesses can completely connect with customers while they go to work in the morning or right before lunch. If you are too busy, you can schedule posts (Scheduled Posts) before posting time.

Reach customers in the region and beyond.

Promote posts and create ads specifically for specific audiences to help businesses better reach key customers.
  • Find new customers by creating ads for users, using audience screening options such as location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. To get the most out of your page’s followers, businesses can also create ads for people who like their page as well as their friends.
  • Deals are one of the best ways to increase physical store visits. Incentives such as coupons and coupons are suitable to encourage people to quickly visit.
  • Reach past customers on Facebook by creating a Custom Audience, using a list of email addresses and phone numbers. For example, a business can use a newsletter list to create a custom audience, and then create an ad inviting them to visit the store again for a special offer.

Understand and invest in developing the factors that attract customers. Facebook

Actively monitor the “health” of marketing activities on Facebook pages with Facebook’s own tools or in your own ways:
  • Track the number of people who “check-in” to your Facebook page. Ask them how they know about the business and consider putting a sign at the point of sale or a small note on the invoice to invite people to “check-in” and like the business’s Facebook page.
  • Add a barcode to the Facebook Offers section and easily track how many customers use the offer. If you can’t set up the barcode, ask the sales team to track it in another way. Businesses can also experiment by offering multiple offers at the same time, tracking which offers work best, attracting the most customers and increasing sales.
  • Visit Ads Manager to see how your ads are performing. When users see your ad, do they click to see it, like your Facebook page, interact with your posts, or make an online purchase from your website?
In addition to the “secrets” above, in the process of learning and developing the customer community, businesses can experiment with posts, “facebook ads” and incentives to build knowledge about which has the most impact. . The more you experiment, the more you learn about your customers and how to best engage them.


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