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Effective online marketing plan

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Kế hoạch Marketing online

Online Marketing Plan

Making an online marketing plan is simply outlining all that is important for successful and consistent business marketing. Perhaps you just want to focus on inbolund marketing or integrate both online marketing and offline marketing with a plan to guide all activities.

To achieve the highest efficiency, before taking action you need to know how to plan online marketing in order to orient the “way to move” clearly and consistently.

Kế hoạch Marketing online

How to make an Online Marketing plan for a business

Identify the object

The main target audience is customers who pay for your product or service. Marketing is responsible for reaching the target audience, persuade them to buy and come back to buy more.

Without visualizing the target audience, it will be very difficult for you to use all your strength to dominate that target group. If you consider all people the same target audience, you will “die” from the beginning. We have different needs and consumer behaviors. Therefore, you need to segment customers into different groups. Subjects in the same group have similar needs and behaviors.

Study your audience

Usually, the fault of many small and medium-sized companies embarking on the online marketing game is to use generic messages that are nothing special. Not selecting the right tools but mainly focusing on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, …

At least, you need to find out your target audience about the following:

  • They are facing difficulties, what problems need to be addressed? They buy products or services from you or your
  • competitors to hope how your life will be better and better in what aspects?
  • Which channels are they usually online in? The time they are online on each channel.
  • The language, culture, style of the target audience
  • What topics are they interested in in their life and work?

Product strategy

Let your customers know useful information about your business products in detail, besides offering the preeminent elements that only your product has. Play as a user and feel what you need in a product.

Competitive market

Want to have a certain foothold and be remembered, cannot help but compete. Set up and develop unique selling suggestions. How do your company’s products stand out from the competition? Why should a customer choose you over another business? The more you differentiate yourself from competitors, the more likely you are to succeed.

Traditional advertising campaign

The traditional advertising campaign that direct marketing uses is sales letters, leaflets, postcards, etc. through means of advertising, printing, billboards, radio, television, digging programs. create, seminars that you give to raise awareness. Or you can use experts to write articles for magazines, local newspapers and other publications that your industry will read, write press releases, open periodic exhibitions, chapters, and more. referral, …

Identify budget source

Depending on the budget, you should devise strategies. The appropriate plans to achieve the original set goals

Kế hoạch Marketing online

Giám sát kết quả của chiến lược marketing

Qua quá trình kiểm tra và phân tích, bằng việc khảo sát ý kiến đánh giá từ khách hàng – người trực tiếp cảm nhạn sản phẩm của doanh nghiệp bạn để đánh giá được mức độ hiệu qura của chiến dịch marketing đnag làm, từ đó có sự điều chỉnh cho phù hợp nếu cần thiết.



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