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How to optimize website friendly search engine

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tối ưu hóa website

Search engine website optimization is considered as the most effective way of online marketing today. Help your website appear on the search engines, attract the attention of customers to create a big revenue for you.If your website appears on Google and all other search engines, you will own a large amount of free traffic from the internet – from which you can get a large number of customers and increase sales.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO can be considered as a technique, a real secret for every administrator, website builder or merely a person working in the field of communication. According to optimization experts are often divided into:

  • Build and enhance content to engage users and retain them. The hierarchy of the page will get higher and higher.
  • Build a search engine friendly system, create backlinks as well as articles that mention the web on other websites.
  • Use methods such as cloaking and spamdexing (explanation).
  • Such methods include website optimization (impact on HTML source code, structure, layout and website content including text, images, videos or other multimedia on the web that users see or interact with). and build useful links within the website (Internal links) and from reputable sites outside (Inbound links) to the site so that search engines choose the most appropriate website to serve searchers on the Internet. with a specific keyword that the user queries and places on their search request.
  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art for search engines to show you more results as well as higher ratings (objective reviews).

tối ưu hóa website

Advantages of SEO services

  • Advise you how is the standard SEO web design.
  • Is your website properly SEO or not yet a tool to check SEO standards?
  • Optimizing website interface with search engines and users
  • Advice on keywords, describing how is the standard SEO +
  • Supported the development of standard SEO content
  • Website design standards SEO reputation with reasonable prices
  • Maintenance, lifetime warranty.
  • The standard web design service that INNOCOM brings will help you save maximum costs, personnel and effort in SEO. From our professional experience, we are always ready to create professional SEO websites, full of features that suit your requirements.

tối ưu hóa website

The purpose of website optimization

  • Provide useful information to please users
  • In order for search engines to easily understand the content you present on the website, your website has a chance to rank high in the search results of users.
  • Help you increase your income faster.

There are 3 important factors to help you optimize your website:

  1. Present on website: content, media, website layout …
  2. Social network: Facebook, Youtube, zalo, …
  3. Website marketing: unique in content and form.

Here is the order that you should proceed with website optimization:

  • The title of your article must be unique and attractive. The titles should not overlap.
  • Find ways to navigate the links between articles – this is extremely important. Because when customers finish reading this article, they can easily see the link to another article they are interested in.
  • Use H1 tags to attach to your source code. The content tagged with H1 tags must match the title tag.
  • Use the original image and describe that image with the alt tag
  • Keep iframes to a minimum.
  • Content that contains your domain name: The longer your domain is used, the easier it will be for search engines to prioritize visibility, because that website has also provided an experience for users for a long time – Search engines tend to push these websites to the top.



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