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What is Search Engine? The mechanism of action of Search Engine

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Search Engine

First launched in 1993, Search Engine has now become an integral part of life, and is constantly improving the quantity and quality of search results giving users important information. practical key. The development of Search Engine is associated with the development of global information technology, and especially associated with the change of the SEO service industry.

What is the concept of search engine?

Search Engine (aka Web Search Engine) is translated as search engine, this is an operating system designed to search information on the World Wide Web. When users want to search for something they use a search engine, they first need to enter one or more keywords of the topic they are looking for, the results returned include: web page, image, video…. related to the topic they searched for.

Using its search algorithms, Search Engine returns results sorted in a certain order. Depending on the search engine, there will be different results. Because these are results without human intervention. So these results are also known as organic search results (Organic Search Traffic).

Search Engine

Mechanism of Operation of Search Engine

1. Spider (also known as “Crawler” or “Bot”):

It is a tool that helps Search Engine to collect data of any website, including information about content on the page, number and frequency of links of other websites to that page. The crawling of the Spider will be done continuously from any website and only ends when all related links are crawled.

2. Indexing tool – Index:

A tool to perform an optimal saving of all collected data of a website. Include content and links to and from the page. The data will be encrypted as text file (text) to be able to save the lowest capacity and extract search results as quickly as possible.

3. Analysis (Analysis):

When a person types keywords on the search page. Now the search engine will scan the server system to find websites most relevant to the keyword typed. The analysis is based on the relevance of the keyword, geographic location, habits … of the user.

4. Table of search results (SERP):

Google search results after being processed by the Search Results Extraction Tool and ranking the search results. Will be displayed on a table of results as we still see when using Google.

Search Engine

The Top Search Engine Today

Google Search

It can be said that Google Search is one of the most commonly used search engines today. This is a proprietary tool owned by Google Corporation. It is estimated that each has more than 3 billion searches on this tool. This tool was developed in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and in 1998, Google officially launched its search engine.

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo Search was founded in 1995, this is a search engine owned by Yahoo !. However, it was not until 2004 that this tool was officially released. As of February 2015, this is the 3rd largest search engine in the US with over 12.8% of search queries. Although behind but with the advantage of owning Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail. This tool is still pretty good with the previous tools.

Bing Search

Bing Search, known as the forerunner of MSN Search (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search), was released on May 28, 2009, as a search engine of Micrrosoft Corporation. Bing Search was truly successful when it became the second largest search engine in North America.


Baidu is a search engine designed specifically for Chinese users. This is China’s most successful search engine so far. Baidu was launched in 2000, so far Baidu is the second most used search engine in the world after Google.



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