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Simple website design tips to attract customers

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Bí quyết thiết kế website

Website design secrets

1. Content is concise and concise.

Website design secrets. When building content for a sales website, you should pay special attention to displaying concise, concise information. No customer wants to read too much information in an article. Especially the songs without highlights, important ideas, long sentences. If the article is too long but still needs attention from customers with the information you give, create short paragraphs, can use bullet points to present ideas. Uppercase for important information. Make the reader’s eyes move from the top down instead of hitting his eyes to the sides.

2. Graphic restrictions

Graphics are needed in any website. But if you overuse graphics, it will slow down the page loading process, affecting user experience. Not only that, putting too much graphics in your website design also causes confusion, so customers do not focus on the really necessary information that you are transmitting to them.

Bí quyết thiết kế website


3. Use natural language. (Website design secret)

In addition to the content of information displayed briefly and concisely, during the operation of the website, pay attention to using natural language, close everyday. The intimacy will be the factor that goes into people’s hearts and attracts customers to choose your product faster and more.

4. Regularly update and renew the website.

Every website, especially for sales websites, it is very important to keep up with the algorithms from Google to increase rankings on search engines. In line with the trend of seeking information from customers.

5. Set aside land for important information.

Please leave important information in the top half of the site such as promotions, discounts, special events of the year to win the attention of customers. At the same time, people don’t have to scroll to find that information.

6. Specific contact information. (Website design secret)

With specific contact information, it will be much easier and easier for customers to place orders or ask questions. It’s a pity that you lost customers just because they could not quickly find your contact information on the website. So put the contact information in the most visible and accessible position like the toolbar or the page title. (Website design secret)

7. Avoid putting too much information on the page.

Putting too much information on one page is distracting and engaging. Offer real product benefits and benefits and present them concisely.

Bí quyết thiết kế website

8. Website guarantees the clearest and simplest operation.

When the website is simple and straightforward, it will make it easier for customers to find what they need to buy. Make clear and specific categories with detailed descriptions. In addition, add options so customers can search and choose products more easily. You can help customers search for products by brand, manufacturer, price, etc.

9. Provide the right information that customers need.

Business website is built to complement the business activities, but above all it must serve customers, because customers are new to seeking profit, effective revenue. So focus on the information you really need:

  • Provide full specific information about the business such as email, contact phone number, contact address.
  • The website content is full, clear, emphasizing key information and focus. Never let users see mistakes in spelling or grammar. Because that will be a huge minus point on the professional you are building.



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