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Construction projects of cameras for boarding high schools in Quang Nam province

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thi công lắp đặt camera

SKYTECH Technology Development Co., Ltd. conducts the construction of camera installation system for Quang Nam Provincial Boarding School. Camera installation location in the Corridor of Teachers and Classrooms.

The main modules when installing and installing cameras

  • Observation and security subsystem: protection of order and security, crime prevention, property theft, motorbike theft …
  • Student supervision subsystem: ensure classroom order, supervise and observe recreational activities, learning, entertainment and extracurricular activities.
  • Management & operational improvement module: supporting the school administrators to supervise teachers and improve the quality of learning – teaching … to increasingly improve the quality of services, improve the operational efficiency of the school .

thi công lắp đặt camera

Benefits when executing and installing cameras for schools

  • Help administrators to manage and control school activities, including management and administration.
  • Supervising teachers, teaching staff.
  • Preventing child violence and school violence.
  • Monitoring support activities, office departments, service rooms …
  • Prevention of property theft, prevention of intruders and sabotage
  • As a basis for parents to feel secure and trust in parents to believe in the school’s honesty, improve the reputation, credibility and reliability of the school.
  • Support the extraction of images for investigation.
  • Better management of students: Limiting the situation of exam cheating, crab trophies, being late – leaving early, raising self-awareness for students.
  • Awareness raising for school staff.



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