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Should you choose Facebook ads or Google Adwords?

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Facebook hay Google

Facebook or Google are two giants on the Internet and both rely on available resources to provide their own forms of advertising to users. Many businesses still wonder which one is the best? Facebook or Google Ads? This is also difficult to give an answer because standing on different aspects, each form has its own outstanding advantages.

Features of Facebook or Google Ads?

Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of paid advertising on Google’s advertising platform.
Google Ads
  • Google Search Ads – A form of advertising when users search on Google
  • Google GDN Ads – Banner ads often appear on websites associated with Gg
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Youtube Advertising – A type of Video advertising on Youtube video platform through Google advertising account
The charging mechanism of Google ads is based on 3 factors:
  • number of clicks,
  • Impressions
  • Conversions (actions after clicking on an ad).
Search advertising focuses on targeting audiences through keywords and ad formats that are often presented as text. Advertisers will bid on keywords to compete for the right to show their ads ranked high on Google search results. Each time a user searches for and clicks on an ad, Google charges a CPC (cost-per-click) call fee.
The impression-based billing mechanism will often be used by Google for both search and display network (GDN) advertising. As long as Google ads appear, you will be charged a fee called CPM

Facebook Ads

Unlike Google ads, Facebook ads are a good example of what is called a paid social. Any ads displayed on Facebook will be charged based on the impressions mechanism (CPM).
Unlike Google ads, help businesses find customers through keywords. Facebook Ads help potential customers find your business by displaying their ads. With the highest number of monthly active users in the world. Facebook Ads are widely viewed as the best place to reach potential customers.

HOW DIFFERENT IS Facebook or Google ADS?

In order to choose the right advertising channel, it is necessary to know at least a few basic differences between them. Specifically, the difference between the two channels is reflected in the following factors:

Target accuracy level:

  • Google Adwords: Target is based on “keywords”, users have to search for keywords related to your product on google for ads to appear, which means they are interested in your product.
  • Facebook Ads: Ads on Facebook will target people who are ‘likely’ to become your customers based on demographics, interests, behavior, personality… Whether or not the right target depends on the mindset and Customer insight knowledge of the ad setter.
Besides Search, Google also has other types of advertising based on demographics such as GDN (Google Display Network) and some types of advertising on Youtube.
However, these features only stop at “not well applied in Vietnam”. Meanwhile, Facebook is the tycoon of this segment when it can display ads to 1 billion users based on age, gender, geographic location, interests in a relatively accurate way.


Because of the above targeting method, it leads to the difference between the advertising fee of Google and facebook, shown in CPC (cost per click, the average amount for 1 person clicking on your ad). Think about it, Facebook drops ads on a large scale, the click-through rate is not necessarily high, but clicking on it is not necessarily a purchase. And Google advertises to the right people in need, the ability to buy is definitely higher. But click more quality, the price must be higher.
For example: With the “house delivery” service, you may have to pay 20,000 – 50,000 VND for 1 Click if you advertise on Google. But you can only pay 100 – 2,000 VND for 1 click when advertising on Facebook.

Landing page requirements

When clicking on an ad on Google, the user will be directed to the landing page (landing page or website). The experience on the landing page is a key factor in their purchasing decision. So you have to invest in your landing page if you run ads on Google.
Meanwhile, advertising on Facebook, customers can interact with you via messenger, comment. Or other personal means, not necessarily leading to the website. So you don’t need to invest too much in your website when you only advertise Facebook.

Coverage channel

Google Adwords: Present in most websites and blogs registered as advertising partners of Google display network (google display network) such as: Channel 14, 24h, zing…
Facebook Ads: Only show ads on facebook page. However, Facebook has a large number of users. Not to mention the interactive feature will make your product many times more viral if you have quality content.


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