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Managing trainees at training centers

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Managing trainees at training centers

With the aim of improving the efficiency and professionalism in the training center’s student management process. The software supports the management of the number of teachers, students, arranges schedules, courses, classes, teaching schedules … Using the software will help the center improve the quality of student service, optimize more convenient resources for faculty, staff, facilities and organization.

The causes of difficulties for managers at the training center.

1. Not meeting the trainees’ aspirations about the quality of training

Training centers have not been able to manage the quality of their training, nor have tools to support teacher quality assessment and teaching quality. Therefore, to avoid confusion in the student management process, the center first needs to ensure teaching quality. If so, the status of students who complain, students who drop out of the course will disappear; at the same time, the quality of central management will go up.

2. The student management center is not good

Practitioners come to the center through many different sources, but most of them have studied before. However, the quality of the experience studying at the center is truly an assessment of the quality of the services provided by the center. The teachers do not have the teaching materials, the facilities are not fully equipped, … All of them show the lack of professionalism of a training center. These take time and effort for both the center and the students. In general, the training center will gradually lose its trainees and also lose its brand name.

3. The Center has not applied technology to management

A cause that not many centers recognize but is the main cause leading to difficulties in the student management process. Now, as technology has evolved, a solution with features that help users manage a business effectively. And the training center management software is created to solve the difficulty of training centers in the student management process and other processes. Using a legitimate software solution will help the center to grow sustainably.

Some features of the student management software

  • Manage categories: training courses, classes, shift, recommendation programs ..
  • Managing admission and placement test
  • Classroom management: class list, class schedule, teaching schedule, salary, teaching fee, student attendance information, test scores …
  • Manage student records: student information, class registration, study results, change classes, cancel subjects, save classes …
  • General management: management of materials and equipment, central duty schedule, salary of teachers, staff …
  • General reports: class reports, teachers, attendance, learning results …

The training center management software helps improve the service quality for students, optimize the resources of the lecturers, the facilities and the staff, and make the organization and management more convenient.



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