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What is content writing?

Content writing is a method of editing, creating and developing natural website content. Focus on content, and optimize on keywords. Aims to bring useful content to readers in parallel with the dissemination of content on search engines.

The success that Content writing brings you is high, stable keyword rankings and will never be relegated by Google. A good Content writer will help Seo website become more convenient by attracting special attention from Google to the quality of website content.


What skills does content writing need?

– SEO knowledge (onpage website skills): a standard SEO article, there must be a sufficient number of main keywords appearing in the website, and the keyword placement must be appropriate. Know how to link articles together to form effective and purposeful internal links.

– Writing skills: obviously writing skills must be good for you to be able to offer good content, to attract readers. This skill also shows you cleverly inserting keywords into posts without being detected by users.

– Title jerking technique: Titly jerky titles will bring a much higher clickthrough rate than non-headline titles. However, the title is not simple, it determines 80% of the success of an article

– PR articles skills on social networks: To make your articles valuable and highly appreciated by google. You must know the article PR and attract users to your article.


What are the benefits of content writing?

+ Content Writing helps your website own the most natural and useful content. But still optimized for the search engines. Since then attract natural visitors, and more friendly to search engines.
+ Basic instructions for writing articles effectively
+ Finding out products, services …
+ Understand a more general way is to research the customer’s website. Only by doing this can we know what we need to write, to whom …
* Select a topic for the post:
You choose the topics that many people are interested in the field of your website first then write how, where to find knowledge to write that article.



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