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Restaurant payment software is a reasonable choice for restaurant owners to meet customers’ order during rush hour. Let’s follow the article below to better understand how this software works.

What is cash register software?

You can see many of the current options for paying bills or using free software for billing. However, each option or software has its own features, structure and services. Reviews with each type of product your business may not suit each type of software. To give consistency and suit all product categories. Currently the cash register software for cafes, restaurants, karaoke … is designed to best serve the needs of users.


Benefits of using restaurant billing software

There are quite a lot of restaurant cash register software on the market today to support the restaurant’s business.

+ Calculate money quickly and accurately to avoid losses from employees

Employees no longer have to be confused about charging during peak hours with software that supports the cashier. You will be able to create invoices, record the amount and pay the excess for customers quickly, easily and extremely accurately. This not only limits errors and losses but also does not let customers wait too long for payment.

+ Improving employee performance during peak hours

Rush hours are always the time when restaurant employees have to work at full capacity to serve a large number of customers in restaurants. With restaurant checkout software, employees will be easier at work. Since then improve the performance of a better way. Staff can serve more tables during rush hour. Increasing business efficiency for restaurants.

+ There are clear and detailed figures

Transactions and infomation at the restaurant are recorded specifically on the system of the software. As a result, the store owner will have detailed data to monitor and control restaurant operations. Therefore, the restaurant management as well as business plan of the restaurant owner will be more accurate and efficient thanks to the help of data.

Features of software for restaurant, cafe, karaoke

Calculate money quickly – accurately

• Restaurant cash register software helps cashiers make orders, pay easily, save time and accurately. Minimize losses and errors during the checkout process.
• In case of a loss, all activities are stored by the system. You can tell who cheats.

Many payment methods

• Cash register software can flexibly use different payment methods to suit the needs of the store.
• Can charge by the hour, VIP room, products, business services …
• In addition, the software also supports various forms of payment such as cash, packages, etc.

Customer management, promotion

• In addition to the billing feature, the software also supports customer information management. Divide customer groups like new customers, members, VIPs.
• Implementing the preferential policies for each different customer when paying.
• In addition, you can send messages and notices to customers easily by software.

Easy inventory management

• All raw materials and products are systematically managed and quantified on each product. Services by each unit, price, …
• Help you control goods and raw materials when warehousing. Actively supplement when inventory index is low.

Integrating accounting and revenue books

• You can easily manage your finances by listing revenues and expenditures. The software will calculate and show you the balance. Help you control and avoid revenue loss without knowing the reason.


Remote store management

• You can be assured of business trips, long-distance travel and still be able to grasp the business situation through the cash register software
• Indicators of changes during operation will be notified immediately through 30 different chart types.

Effective store chain management

• The management of operations of branches requires only a single management account.
• You can easily compare the performance of branches. Since then giving the most reasonable business strategy.



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