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What is SEO? Why SEO is chosen by many businesses

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SEO là gì

What is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and is a special technique in Internet Marketing. The purpose is to help the website achieve high rankings on search pages, typically Google.

SEO is not a strange term. But perhaps to understand exactly what SEO is, many people do not necessarily know. Especially for those who decide to do SEO, understanding it is important first.

Types of SEOs that are commonly used:

  • Keyword SEO is the most popular and popular form. The majority of businesses or SEOers expect their keywords to rank high in Google search results
  • Image SEO: How SEO uses techniques to put images in your website to the top of Google search when users search for that keyword and select the display image tab.
  • SEO Clip: It is possible to SEO videos, clips available on the web or use other information channels such as youtube to put your website on the Video tab.
  • SEO Google Map (Local SEO): A way to make it easy for searchers to find places to look on Google Map
  • SEO Mobile App: This form of SEO will be the App appearing on search pages that Google displays, making it easier for users to choose.

SEO là gì

What are the benefits of SEO?

Website is better optimized.

The components of the website such as: sitemap, speed, URL, tags, image size, title length, code language, … are optimized to meet the requirements of Google. As a result, website quality increased.

At the same time, SEO for the website will also create a better user experience. For example, faster website speed helps visitors not to wait long, manipulations become quick, reducing the likelihood of customers leaving your site.

Increase sales opportunities.

By choosing keywords close to the specific needs of customers, SEO helps you reach the right audience in need of purchase. As a result, this is a potential traffic with high conversion potential.

While you need to buy a product, everyone of us will immediately think about going to Google to search for information about products, tips, advice. If the website has more keywords to the top, the higher the traffic, the more likely the customer contact you increase.

You are “healthier” when customers actively seek business.

While running other types of ads, customers are passive, you must find ways to “run to customers” and try to attract attention among thousands of other ads around. And this makes customers feel uncomfortable, “stuffed” ads, spam.

In fact, users today will not immediately believe in advertising, they always want to be proactive in information research.

With the effectiveness of putting the website on Top Google, customers feel proactive in searching by keywords expressing their needs. They are actively chosen which website they will access, and take the initiative in deciding to relate to the business.

SEO là gì

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

Long investment time

SEO is a long-term website promotion method. It will take a long time for an article on the business website to appear at the top of the search table. Maybe even up to several months. So with SEO, businesses need to have patience. And this method will not be suitable for business people who need fast advertising.


Obviously, for any business, competition is inevitable. So if your SEO campaign achieves impressive results. Competitors will change their marketing campaign and attack you.

The constant fluctuation of SEO rankings

Search rankings are unpredictable. It may fluctuate continuously without any prior forecast. Therefore, businesses must anticipate all possible results to take timely measures.

SEO là gì

What are the terms in SEO?

SEO stands out with many advantages. It is therefore not surprising that so many businesses are now pursuing it. However, to better understand what SEO overview information is, the relevant terms are quite important.

Title – The title tag

The tag represents the title of the information page. Cards represent the most concise, purposeful information that the page conveys. The more unique the title tag SEO, the more attractiveness it will be appreciated by search engines.


A description of the content of the information page summary. Tags do not affect rankings when SEO but also quite important. So when SEO needs to declare a brief description, concise content should have a call.


Be keywords or key phrases. It is a tool to help people better identify the content that the information page convey.


Is the results page displayed by the search engine. This means that when a searcher searches for information on the toolbar, the result of the Serp will be returned.



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