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Cost Effective Optimization When Run Google Adwords Ads

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords advertising when well optimized, this is not an expense but an effective investment. In this article, SKYTECH would like to guide you with important notes for cost-effective optimization when running Google Ads.

Google Adwords

Summary of 5 ways to optimize costs for Google Adwords Ads

Choose keywords with less competition

With less competitive keywords, the possibility is low market volume. Less attractive to users than highly competitive keywords. Therefore, you need to patiently search and run advertising campaigns with that low-competition keyword until there is enough traffic for the website. You can absolutely find 3-5 word long keywords related to the product. Its service at a very small cost.
Another way to attract traffic is to go after the names of products or strong brands in the field. This is an extremely effective optimization tip because with those keywords usually consume very little budget while you still have a high position on the search results table and these keywords are still searched by many people. every month.
Google Adwords

Create multiple ads for each Google Adwords Advertising campaign

You can simply and effectively increase your click-through rate by creating 2 to 3 ads or even more. When your ad is active, you will get many clicks from the ad because the algorithm of Google Ads  will alternately change the displayed ads.
After a period of measurement, you just need to choose the best-performing ad. Apply that ad template to the rest of the ads. This is how you can consistently find good and valuable ads.
Google Adwords

Bid Adjustment

One of the ways to optimize ads on Google is to adjust ad bids. Increasing bids is one of the ways to get on top of Google Ads search ads
Currently, Google Ads has 2 bids: manual CPC bids and enhanced CPC bids. Manual CPC bidding method. Allows you to set a maximum cost-per-click for your ads. Unlike an automated bid strategy (Enhanced CPC) that sets the amount of the bid on your behalf.
Setting cost-per-click too high is wasteful. But if it is too low, it cannot be advertised. This adjustment will affect your ad campaign.
Google Adwords

Pause ineffective keywords

Looking at the image below, you will see a very high difference between the cost of advertising and the value brought. When looking at conversion measurement, if you notice low-quality keywords when the cost is high but the effectiveness is low, you need to turn those campaigns off immediately so as not to throw money out the window.

Budget Reallocation Google Adwords

You don’t just run one ad campaign, you have many to run. Different time frame allocation, different audience. To manage your ad cash flow, you need to properly allocate your budget to each campaign. After a period of running ads, you need to divide your budget accordingly, to achieve the initial advertising goal.

Search Query Processing (add or negate)

Use the Search Queries report to see the actual search queries that led to your ad showing. Understanding exactly how users search for your type of product or service gives you the opportunity to refine your Google Ads keyword list, reach a broader audience, and show your ads more effectively. more effective

Schedule ads by time frame Google Adwords

When you start running ads, you should let the ads run 24h00/day. After a few days even  1 week, you look at the measurement results to seewhich time frames convert the most can increase money, and the no conversionsshould be turned off to save advertising money

Turn off/Change the ad template (if necessary)

We recommend running multiple ad templates with measurement tracking. If  CTR (Click Through Rate)  is high, leave it, low CTR should turn off or fix the message.

Improve your ad’s quality score

The keywords in the ad group need to be relevant to the website content. Advertising keywords should be mentioned in the website content and the ad template.


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